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Certified Sexual Assault Lawyer In Edmonton

Over the years, Criminal Lawyer has established itself as one of Edmonton’s most trusted sexual criminal lawyers. In a world, where challenges faced by a sexual assault victim are more likely to grab the limelight, the trauma, isolation or potentially lasting repercussions of a person being accused of a sexual assault often go unnoticed. If you are facing charges related to any kind of sexual assault, our experts know exactly how to handhold you through the tedious process of fighting the case. In Canada, the type of punishment given to offenders involved in sexual crimes may vary from mandatory minimum sentences to even life imprisonment in the case of an aggravated sexual assault. Section 271 of the Canadian Criminal Code describes a sexual assault as any sexual contact made without consent ranging from sexual engagements with minors to undesirable groping or kissing. If the sexual offence involves victims under the age of 16, the offender can be charged with up to five years of imprisonment.

We understand the difficult situation of an individual charged with sexual assault, who is unsure about how their future will unfold before them. If you have been accused of a sexual offence, be it sexual assault with a weapon/threats to a third party/causing bodily harm, or aggravated sexual assault, our team of experts will defend your case with robust and expert legal representation. Waste no time in finding your defence lawyer as any delay would only worsen your chances of winning the case. We leave no stone unturned to see that your side of the story is heard as a sexual assault offence convict.

Our Approach to Sexual Offences in Edmonton

When addressing sexual assault cases in Edmonton, our approach at Sexual Assault Lawyer Edmonton is both compassionate and strategic. We understand the sensitivity and gravity of such allegations and prioritize providing support to our clients throughout the legal process. Our experienced team of lawyers conducts thorough investigations, ensuring no detail is overlooked in building a robust defense. With a deep understanding of Alberta’s laws regarding sexual assault, we diligently advocate for our client’s rights and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes. If you’re facing allegations of sexual assault in Edmonton, trust Sexual Assault Lawyer Edmonton to provide expert legal assistance and compassionate advocacy. If you have been charged with sexual assault charges in Edmonton, trust our experienced sexual assault lawyer with over 20+ years of experience. Call 587-760-1334.

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  • Expert Legal Insight
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  • Protecting Your Rights
  • Emotional Support
  • Negotiation And Litigation
  • Case Analysis
  • Minimised Consequences
  • Confidentiality
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Our Services

Criminal Lawyer is proud of its team's expertise in handling various types of offences, including sexual assault. Our team of specialized lawyers will ensure that your rights are defended as a sexual offence convict. Here are the key areas of our expertise.

Sexual Offences Lawyer Edmonton Expert Legal Representation

Our specialized lawyers will thoroughly examine your case to navigate any kind of complexities. Our clients receive unwavering support throughout the legal proceedings and the best possible legal representation.

Sexual Offences Lawyer Edmonton Case Analysis

Case Analysis is the first step taken by our lawyers once a client approaches our team. This step helps us conduct a comprehensive analysis of the case to create a fierce defense strategy on behalf of the client.

Sexual Offences Lawyer Edmonton Strategic Defense

Having a strategic defense is of paramount importance for clients to challenge any evidence presented against them. Our team of sexual offence lawyers understand that a well-crafted defense strategy personalised to the unique needs of a client would always help defend their rights.

Sexual Offences Lawyer Edmonton Negotiation and Mediation

Our sexual offence lawyers are constantly exploring alternate resolutions to reduce the impact of sexual allegations on our clients. As part of our negotiation strategy, we collaborate with mediators, who would pursue the prosecutors to handle the case sensitively.

Sexual Offences Lawyer Edmonton Legal Guidance

Our clients are given regular updates about the legal processes involved and potential outcomes at every stage of their case. With a team that responds to any concerns or queries, we help clients make well-informed decisions while fighting the case.

Sexual Offences Lawyer Edmonton Client Support

Our expert team of lawyers understands the emotional struggles faced by clients accused of sexual offences. Hence, they extend full support to our clients, addressing their concerns and giving them hope throughout their challenging legal journey.

Sexual Offences Lawyer Edmonton Confidentiality

Our lawyers ensure that each case is handled without compromising the privacy of our clients. We understand that clients have a right to defend their reputation and help them lead the social life they want.

Sexual Offences Lawyer Edmonton Courtroom Advocacy

Our skilful team of lawyers will always act like a pillar of support in the courtroom throughout your legal journey. In the event of a trial, our clients are assisted by a well-equipped team that can handle the challenges posed by the prosecution while making an effective and compelling presentation.

The Role of a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Edmonton: Defending Your Rights

The Supreme Court of Canada clearly states that sexual assault is an assault that violates the sexual integrity of the victim. However, offenders who commit a sexual crime are not well informed about the nuances of the local laws and regulations. While an indictable sexual offence might put the offender behind bars for a period not exceeding ten years or more, a summary conviction offence might sentence the accused to imprisonment for a period not exceeding eighteen months. If you are facing charges for any type of sexual assault, do not think twice to seek legal help. 

Seeking expert guidance from professional lawyers can save offenders from stepping into the chaotic world of sexual offence laws and regulations. Once you are charged with a serious crime like a sexual assault, seek help from an experienced sexual abuse lawyer, who can handle the complex criminal justice system as this will increase your chances of having your charges minimised. 

Sexual Assault Lawyer in Edmonton Ready to Help

The criminal justice system of Canada considers sexual assault as a serious crime. It is estimated that police-reported sexual assaults in the country climbed to 34,242 in 2021. Furthermore, numerous incidents of sexual violence remain unreported. Hence, strict sexual offence laws are awaiting those engaging in sexual offences.

We, at Criminal Lawyer, understand the complexities involved in handling sexual offence cases that are categorized into Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, according to the Criminal Code of Canada. After a confidential consultation, we create a robust defense strategy for our clients and facilitate a smooth legal journey for them. Our team of attorneys also specializes in a wide array of practice areas such as drug offences, financial offences and alcohol offences. Looking for a compassionate team of lawyers to fight your sexual offence case? Schedule a legal consultation with a Criminal Lawyer.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of sexual offences handled by your team?

Sexual offences may include non-consensual attacks such as sexual assault, rape and atrocities against children, including child sexual abuse. Sexual exploitation of people whether in person or online and indecent exposure can also come under sexual assault.

How do I find the right sexual offence lawyer for my case?

Look for an experienced lawyer, who can help you fight your case with the required expertise and sensitivity. If you are unsure, schedule a consultation to find out if he or she can handle the case.

What should I do if I am charged with a sexual offence?

Sexual offence is considered a serious crime. We advise you to get immediate help from a sexual offence lawyer. Refrain from giving statements to other law enforcement forces to improve your chances of defense.

What is the minimum sentence for sexual assault in Canada?

The Criminal Code of Canada imposes long mandatory minimum jail terms for sexual offences if the victim is underage. The nature of the jail term will also depend on whether the Crown chooses to proceed summarily or by indictment.

How long does a sexual assault offence case take in Canada?

The duration of the sexual offence case may differ depending on the severity of the case and court scheduling. Clients will be given an approximate time frame during an initial consultation.

What are the best defences against a charge of sexual offence?

The best defense strategy is one that aligns itself with the facts of the case. A lawyer can present the best defense strategy and defend his or her clients by thoroughly analyzing the Crown's case and by considering the client's side of the story.

Can you help with appeals if I am convicted?

Our team of lawyers supports you throughout your legal journey. In the event of a conviction, we help you with appeals and post-conviction matters.

Is it possible to get my charges dropped or minimized?

Our clients can trust our team to get the best possible outcome from their case. This may mean charges being minimized or even withdrawn. However, the outcome is subject to the specifics of the case.

How do I contact you for help?

Speak to our legal experts by dialing [phone number] or fill out the contact form on our website to get a prompt response.

Why should I count on a sexual offence lawyer from Criminal Lawyer?

Our team of lawyers is adept at offering a tailor-made defense strategy based on the unique aspects of each case. From courtroom representation to exploring appeal options, clients receive unwavering support at every stage of their legal journey.