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If you are facing charges for violent offences, it is extremely important that you contact an expert team of violent offence lawyers before speaking to the police. With well-defined laws and regulations for every kind of violent assault, including those held in a domestic environment, offenders should be aware that the Crown would prefer to call a spade a spade when it comes to violent offences in the country. In the case of violent offences ranging from uttering threats to first-degree or second-degree homicides, issues related to evidence present a range of complexities. For example, while uttering a threat, whether the offender intended to actually threaten or not does not matter. Meanwhile, the accused should know that not following any Alberta restraining or protection orders can lead to criminal penalties.

Seek help from our team of professional lawyers, who understand the intricacies of Violence Offences, also known as Offences Against the Person and Reputation. Do not attempt to navigate these daunting local court procedures by yourself. Book a free and confidential legal consultation now.

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Explore the key services offered by our expert team. Facing charges for violent offences? A strong and expert legal representation from our team is exactly what you need at this juncture. Well-versed with the local laws related to violent offences, our lawyers’ expert guidance will defend your rights and interests.

Violent Offences Lawyer Edmonton Legal Consultation

A detailed consultation is scheduled with our clients as soon as they approach us for help. After a thorough analysis of the case , we present the best available legal options to get a favourable outcome.

Violent Offences Lawyer Edmonton Defense Strategy

Our lawyers understand that each case is unique and hence we create personalised defence strategies for a successful legal presentation. We identify the potential challenges involved in the case to defend our clients.

Violent Offences Lawyer Edmonton Courtroom Representation

Clients can count on our competent lawyers throughout their legal journey. As part of our efforts to skillfully present your case, we cross-question witnesses and make convincing arguments before the judges.

Violent Offences Lawyer Edmonton Negotiations and Plea Bargains

Our lawyers never lose a chance to explore alternative sentencing options or minimised charges. They are experts in negotiating with the prosecution to defend your rights in the case.

Violent Offences Lawyer Edmonton Evidence Examination

An in-depth analysis is conducted by our lawyers to identify any challenges or inaccuracies in the case. In this step, our team can spot any wrongdoing such as violation of the rights of our clients.

Violent Offences Lawyer Edmonton Sentencing and Mitigation

We will divert its attention to devising effective strategies to minimise the severity of potential repercussions in the case of a conviction. Ultimately, the goal of our lawyers is to get a fair and reasonable sentence for our clients.

Violent Offences Lawyer Edmonton Emotional Support and Guidance

We understand the importance of providing emotional support for clients, who are going through a challenging phase of their lives. Besides guiding them with our legal expertise, our compassionate team addresses any concerns they raise.

Violent Offences Lawyer Edmonton Case Research and Investigation

Our team collects critical information in the case by tapping into an expert network of resources. We gather evidence that can effectively shape our defense strategies.

The Vital Role of a Violent Offences Lawyer Edmonton

Since Canada has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of criminal incidents over the years, the judiciary system has also increased the number of stringent penalties. Offenders are likely to face serious punishments when charged with violent assaults such as murder, attempted murder, and robbery. The statement given to the police by an individual facing charges of violent assault may destroy the only defences he or she had. The role of a violent offence lawyer is vital in this scenario. Contact us for an expert legal consultation. Our team ensures that your reputation and interests are not compromised while we assist you with a fierce and unbeatable defense strategy.

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Dealing with the complex web of violence offence laws can be a daunting process if you are facing charges of violence offence. Our team of skilful and empathetic Lawyers takes pride in our 20-year old history of navigating the troublesome waters of the violence laws and regulations under the Criminal Code of Canada. Do not lose your chances of defense by attempting to fight your case alone. Contact us for the best legal representation that you can get in Edmonton. As an accused in a violence offence case, our team thoroughly understands what is at stake for you.

Our expert violence offence lawyers have also showcased their expertise in other practice areas such as Criminal offences, DUI Offences, Domestic Violence, Driving Offences, Drug Offences, Financial Offences, Firearms and Weapons Offences, Sexual Offences, Alcohol Offences, and Bail Hearings. Regardless of the type of violence offence, you can count on our expert  guidance and representation to make your legal journey fruitful and hassle-free. Our lawyers remain committed to adopting a confidential and compassionate approach at every stage of your case to protect your rights and reputation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a violent offence?

Violent offences in Canada come under "Wilful and Forbidden Acts on Certain Property" and "Against the Person and Reputation" in the Criminal Code. Offences such as kidnapping, murder and robbery that violate the safety and security of the community are termed violent offences.

Why do I need a violent offence lawyer?

An adept violent offence lawyer can provide you with the right information regarding the legal options to fight your case. Their expertise will help you negotiate with prosecutors to defend your rights and showcase an effective courtroom representation.

What are the penalties that await a person charged with violent offences?

Penalties for those committing violent offences in Canada may range from payment of hefty fines to imprisonment. The punishment given to offenders may vary depending on the type of charge, the jurisdiction and circumstances.

What should I do after being accused of a violent assault?

If you are charged with a violent offence, immediately contact an experienced violent offence lawyer. We recommend not to give any statements to police forces before seeking help from a legal advisor as this will affect your chances of defense.

In the event of a trial, how would your lawyers help?

In the case of a trial, our team will effectively defend you with a strong legal representation. Our expert lawyers will study the evidence, negotiate with the prosecutors and explore options for plea deals.

Why should I choose Criminal Lawyer to fight my case?

Criminal Lawyer has a successful record of handling challenging violent offence cases for the past 20 years. Our lawyers maintain an open communication channel with clients and build personalized defense strategies to secure a favourable outcome for our clients.

How to contact the team at Criminal Lawyer?

You can contact us via phone or email or via the contact form on our website to schedule a legal consultation. Our team will immediately respond to you and arrange a meeting to discuss your case.

How much do you charge for a legal consultation?

Criminal Lawyer believes in transparency and charges clients depending on how complicated the case is. During the initial consultation, clients are given a lowdown on the fee structure, including possible additional expenses.

Will I be able to trust my lawyers with the information I share?

Our violent offence lawyers are committed to confidentiality. We respect the privacy of our clients so that they can peacefully share the required information needed to fight their cases.