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If you are accused of an offence in Alberta, bail or ‘Judicial Interim Release’ plays a pivotal role in how your case will evolve. While several criminals may be released by a peace officer directly, a formal bail hearing may be required depending on the nature of the crime or the existence of a criminal record. In challenging cases, the accused is detained in custody and taken to the Court Services Section Cases in the nearest city in Alberta. Cases which require the accused to appear in front of the judge may demand intervention by defense counsel. In the case of release by way of an Appearance Notice, a formal bail hearing is not mandatory.

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  • Legal Expertise
  • Guidance Through Process
  • Risk Assessment
  • Argument Development
  • Legal Representation
  • Familiarity with Local Courts
  • Speedy Release
  • Conditions Negotiation
  • Case-Specific Strategy
  • Legal Support System
  • Monitoring Changes in Legislation
  • Preparation for Trial
  • Appeal Process Guidance
  • Protection of Rights
  • Peace of Mind
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Our Services

Bail Hearings Lawyer Edmonton Bail Application Preparation

Our lawyers meticulously plan and submit bail applications to improve chances of bail. Strong evidence is gathered from all quarters to help present persuasive agreements in the court.

Bail Hearings Lawyer Edmonton Representation

Our lawyers work diligently towards making the best legal representation during your bail hearings. We promptly address any challenges posed by the prosecution while fighting for your release.

Bail Hearings Lawyer Edmonton Bail Variations

During a bail hearing, challenging circumstances may demand changes in bail conditions. In such cases, our expert team guides you in applying for bail variations, keeping in mind your rights and interests

Bail Hearings Lawyer Edmonton Bail Appeals

We offer full support when your bail is denied initially. We seek bail appeals and submit strong legal evidence to secure bail.

Bail Hearings Lawyer Edmonton Case Assessment

We dive into the specifics of your unique case to develop a personalised bail strategy and determine the type of bail. It can be a a surety bail, cash bail, or release on recognizance.

Bail Hearings Lawyer Edmonton Risk Assessment

Our team analyses the risks involved with securing your release so that we remain prepared to handle any concerns that may influence the court's decision.

Bail Hearings Lawyer Edmonton Court Appearances

Our team helps you during a bail hearing with our skillful legal representation and persuasive agreements. We defend your rights and reputation while handling your case to secure your release.

Bail Hearings Lawyer Edmonton Communication with Crown Prosecutors

Our lawyers are excellent negotiators, who can convince the prosecution to finalise favourable bail terms that are beneficial for both parties.

The Crucial Role of a Bail Hearings Lawyer Edmonton

A hearing to determine whether or not to grant bail occurs at a crucial stage in the legal process of an accused individual. This is an extremely important factor in determining whether or not the suspect will be allowed to remain free in his community even before the trial begins. The defendant will be able to be released on bond with the assistance of a lawyer who specializes in bail hearings. This lawyer will provide the necessary evidence and arguments in some smart method.

Importance of Legal Representation

Contacting a bail hearings lawyer is of the utmost importance if you are arrested in Alberta or if you are being held in custody. Through the use of persuasive arguments, a skilled bail hearing attorney will increase the likelihood of you being released from custody. Immediately seek assistance in order to avoid spending an extended period of time in custody. Contact with our criminal lawyer before the matter ends up having a negative impact on your future.

Best Bail Hearings Lawyers in Edmonton: Expertise You Can Trust

We have a successful history of handling several challenging bail hearings for clients across Alberta. Releasing our clients on bail and that too on time, is very crucial for us. We work relentlessly to make the best legal representation for our clients, helping them to be let out on bail under fair bail conditions. Let us help you out through this challenging phase of life with our expertise in bail hearings. Criminal Lawyer adopts a comprehensive approach when it comes to handling bail hearings. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of the client’s background to establish compelling evidence. We explore all avenues that may improve the chances of favourable bail outcomes. Factors like employment stability and social life are highlighted in a bail hearing in a bid to convince the court to release the defendant.  Schedule a free consultation with our professional bail hearing lawyers, whose persuasive arguments and expert guidance would set you on the right path. We provide unwavering support to our clients throughout their legal journey. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a bail hearing?

A bail hearing is a legal process in which a judge decides if the person arrested should be kept in custody or released before a trial. A bail hearing is crucial as it determines if the suspect can remain free in his or her community until the trial.

What are the factors that affect the decision of the judge during a bail hearing?

Some of the factors considered during a bail hearing are the severity of the offences, the criminal history of the accused, links to the community, status of work, prior compliance with court orders and the likelihood of reoffending.

Can the public attend a bail hearing?

In Canada, bail hearings can be attended by the public. However, in certain cases, friends and the family of the accused may be denied from attending to protect the integrity of the court's proceedings.

What are the conditions imposed if bail is approved?

Conditions may depend on the complexity of the case. Some of them include submitting travel documents, reporting to a police station, refraining from alcohol, avoiding contact with certain individuals etc.

What should I do if bail is denied to me?

If the judge denies you bail, seek help from a bail hearings lawyer, who can assist you with bail appeals. They can make arguments as to why you should not be held before or during your trial.

Can I attend my bail hearing without a lawyer?

Although you can appear for a bail hearing without a lawyer, it is highly recommended that you seek legal assistance for the most favourable outcome.

What are the consequences of violating bail conditions?

Breaching bail conditions can lead to imprisonment even for a first offence. Apart from being a crime, it can also affect release on bail in the future. Hence, adhering to bail conditions is crucial for a hassle-free legal journey.

How do I find a lawyer who can assist me with a bail hearing?

Contact a bail hearings lawyer from our team via phone or email for expert legal representation for your case. Schedule a consultation with our team and get a tailor-made defense strategy from our lawyers for a successful bail hearing

Can I request my bail conditions to be changed?

As a convict, you have the right to request to modify your bail conditions. A judge will review your request based on the circumstances before making the judgement

How soon after a person is charged does a bail hearing take place in Canada?

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, a person is entitled to a bail hearing within 24 hours of their arrest if a judge or justice of the peace is available. However, in the event of bail denial, the suspect will be detained in custody.