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Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury lawyers at Our Law firm, are on a mission to help people, who have been suffering from injuries due to the negligence of others. We understand that going through a personal injury can be taxing both physically and emotionally. Not to mention the financial toll it can take on individuals and families. We will not let you suffer just because someone else was careless or irresponsible. Contact our team of professional lawyers to save you from irreparable damages that can result from personal injury cases.

Our personal injury lawyers in Edmonton are adept at negotiating fair compensation for clients without the case reaching the court. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents and brain injuries are some of the common personal injury cases that we have handled for clients. In most personal injury cases, the victim ends up at the mercy of insurance companies, who try their best to pay as little as possible. Our team at Criminal Lawyer will not allow clients to be in this desperate situation no matter how complex the case is. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients get justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. If needed, our lawyers won’t hesitate to take your claims to the court. Do not make the mistake of being desperate about that settlement check. The best way to confront this situation is to contact your personal injury lawyer. We are dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers in Edmonton, offering extensive expertise with over 20+ years of experience. Contact us at 587-760-1334 for a free legal consultation.

Our Approach to Personal Injury Cases in Edmonton

When it comes to personal injury cases in Edmonton, our approach at Personal Injury Lawyer Edmonton is both compassionate and strategic. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial hardships that individuals and families endure after sustaining injuries due to the negligence of others. Our dedicated team of lawyers is committed to providing unwavering support and expert legal representation throughout the entire process. We meticulously assess each case, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience to develop personalized strategies aimed at maximizing compensation for our clients. Whether through negotiation or litigation, we relentlessly advocate for our clients’ rights and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes. If you’ve been injured, trust Personal Injury Lawyer Edmonton to fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.



The Benefits of Hiring Personal Injury Lawyer Edmonton
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Compassionate Support
  • Strategic Approach
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Trial Readiness
  • Transparent Communication
  • No Upfront Fees
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Practice Areas under Personal Injury Lawyers in Edmonton

Car accidents and slip and fall cases are the two main practice areas covered by our personal injury lawyers.

Car Accident Lawyer Car Accident Lawyer

Our personal injury lawyers save you from insurance companies that make profit from accidents. Damages in this case include medical expenses and motor vehicle repair bills.

Slip and Fall Lawyer Slip and Fall Lawyer

We save you from hefty medical bills and the emotional trauma associated with slip and fall accidents, while ensuring the maximum compensation available.

personal injury lawyer edmonton

Why Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton ?

It takes skill and expertise to put forth your claims and negotiate a fair settlement after facing a personal injury in Edmonton or Alberta. Instead of wasting time negotiating with insurers or other parties and going through paperwork, you should seek help from a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Facing a personal injury can invite a series of complications in the victim’s life. These include medical expenses, loss of wages and complications in insurance. 

If you make the mistake of fighting the case without expert legal representation, it may result in the dismissal of the case or the loss of your right to compensation. Throughout your legal case, our lawyers leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get fair compensation for your injuries. Our legal professionals provide invaluable support, protecting clients’ rights, maximizing claims, and alleviating the stress associated with a personal injury case. If you are dealing with claims relating to a car crash, slip and fall injuries or other liability claims, you should definitely reach out to our personal injury lawyers. Facing the aftermath of an injury alone can be overwhelming. Count on Our Lawyers to stand by your side as your unwavering advocate, guiding you through each stage of your personal injury claim in Edmonton.


injury lawyer edmonton

Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Edmonton

At Criminal Lawyer, we prioritize our clients’ well-being, especially during the challenging aftermath of personal injury cases. Recognizing that many victims may not be financially stable, we refuse to capitalize on your hardship by charging exorbitant fees upfront. Whether you’re dealing with motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian incidents, slips and falls, or severe injuries like traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, we only bill our clients after ensuring they’ve received the maximum compensation available, regardless of case complexity.

With two decades of experience, we’ve upheld a standard of complete transparency regarding fees. You’ll only pay once you’ve received your rightful compensation, ensuring fairness and peace of mind. If you’re a victim of a personal injury, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our personal injury lawyers for a complimentary consultation. Trust Edmonton’s award-winning law firm with a proven track record and unwavering support for every stage of your recovery journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get paid after my case reaches settlement?

After the agreement has been reached, and the claim legally settled, it can generally take, on average, six weeks to process. However, this varies from case to case. We will be with you every step of the way, no matter how long it takes.

What if I am partially at fault while making a personal injury claim for the accident in Alberta?

Certainly, you have the right to pursue a legal claim for injuries sustained, even if you bear partial responsibility for the accident in Alberta.

What is the fee for hiring a personal injury lawyer in Edmonton?

Most law firms in Edmonton, including Criminal Lawyer, operate on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee is paid based on a percentage of the compensation recovered from the client.

What other cases are handled by Criminal Lawyer other than personal injury?

To provide comprehensive assistance tailored to your unique situation, we extend our legal services beyond personal injury to encompass family, real estate, business, and criminal defense law.