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Are you in trouble driving over.08 and at risk of losing your licence for impaired driving? Any criminal offence be it a DUI charge, a drug-related offence or a domestic violence offence can show up on your criminal record and, in rare cases, can even prove to be life-changing. Once charged with a criminal offence in Canada, you should first understand that attempting to navigate the complex web of criminal laws stipulated by the Crown is not a cakewalk. This does not mean that you are left at the mercy of the Crown, fighting your own case. Regardless of the severity of the case, you should first explore the option of seeking legal representation. A team of professional lawyers will help you defend your rights while providing you with expert legal representation.

 Criminal Lawyer has been serving communities in Alberta and North Alberta, such as Fort McMurray with our extensive portfolio for the past 20 years, covering practice areas such as Criminal offences, DUI Offences, Domestic Violence, Driving Offences, Drug Offences, Financial Offences, Sexual Offences, Violent Offences, Alcohol Offences, and Bail Hearings. Our team takes pride in providing the best outcome for clients as they struggle with an emotionally taxing phase of their lives. Our professional expertise will ensure that your best interests are protected at every stage of your legal journey, from arrest to trial, if needed. After an initial consultation, criminal defence lawyers identify every possible opportunity for your defence and explore negotiation options with appeals before effectively presenting your case in court. Charged with a criminal offence in Fort McMurray? Contact us now. Let us discuss your case and get your charges minimized or even dismissed to help you lead a better life.